Movie Review: Soar

This is going to be the very first review I will be making, so please bear with me if this review doesn’t sound helpful. I’d appreciate feedback in the comment section if you have any.

Please know that this review will not be talking about how good the graphics are ’cause I’m not the right person to give feedback regarding that. Lol!


This is the time when boredom makes you search for a film that is worth your attention and your time. Luckily, I bumped into this short film on YouTube called Soar.

It is the story of a young girl who dreamt of becoming a successful airplane designer but failed every time until she met a miniature boy who literally fell from the sky.

Despite the differences, the young girl didn’t hesitate to help the boy in fixing his plane to catch-up with his fleet.

Based on my research, this film, directed by Alyce Tzue, was created by a group of students who intended to make this as a project. Great job, kids!

You can watch this 5-minute film below or click here:


Moral of the story…

If you have watched the film, you’ll easily find what it wants to point out. Here is what sticks in my mind.

Every human has differences. Each one of us has our own unique abilities. But just like our young girl here, we should not see our differences as the reason to ignore other people who need help. Here, our young girl was at first surprised and probably a bit afraid of seeing the tiny boy. Who’s not going to freak out if you see a 5-inch tall human?

Yet, as soon as she sees that the tiny boy needs help, she immediately starts working.

We are in a situation where a lot of people needs help. Not all of us have enough emergency savings to support our family during the lockdown or quarantine. If we can, I hope we are open to helping other people especially those that have to stop working and don’t have any means of getting money.

Let us all be like our young girl.

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