Meeting a person with extreme positivity

Have you met someone with unlimited positivity? Someone who can remain calm in a difficult situation? Someone who can see the light in a dark room?

I do. Surprisingly, he is one of my agents.

One of the many responsibilities of a Team Manager is to find out whether your people is going through something that might affect their performance. It is our responsibility to at least listen, if we can’t provide any help.

This person had financial problems, being the bread winner of the family, which he strongly faced and luckily overcame.

He was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening illness yet as soon as he stepped into the office, you won’t even see any signs of weakness from him.

I talked to him yesterday asking how he is doing. In my surprise, he showed me overwhelming positivity. He is feeling a lot more better now because of the medication he is taking.

“I’m happy to see you strong and keeping yourself together despite the situation.”

What impressed me is the answer he gave me…

“TL, I have to keep the positive mindset in me or I’ll lose everything. Let’s say I get depressed just because I’m sick, I’ll surely die. Same thing goes with giving up because of the numbers of problems I have, I will surely not get to where I want to be, including this job.”

He is totally right! This made me speechless.

I am currently in a situation where my life seems to be falling down. Everything that I earned and worked hard for are turning to nothing. If not with my boyfriend, I might have given up.

Then I talked to this person who has a huge storage full of positivity.

Nowadays, it is one of our greatest dreams to have the same mindset as his. Never stop until you reach your dreams despite the challenges. You must keep trying.

I don’t know what you are facing right now, but whatever you are going through, I hope my agent gave you a little bit of inspiration to always continue reaching the life you want despite the dark road.

You can do it! πŸ™‚


~ Pearl

*featured photo from Katrina Wright of Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Meeting a person with extreme positivity

  1. I have a friend like this! I am usually the negative over-thinker in our friendship and she has always been like an anchor who calms me down whenever I get ahead of myself. I’ve always admire how positive she is and how she has the gift of lighting up a room. It’s good to be surrounded by positive thinkers because their positivity can rub off on you as well!

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