What to do in times of down fall?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are feeling down?


I’m a failure‘, ‘I’m never good enough to anybody‘, ‘I will never reach my dreams‘,I’m such a useless piece of sh*t‘… 


Are you someone with the same mindset when you’ve been knocked down? Well, I totally feel you!


If you have read my last post, you probably know that I am moving out of the corporate world to start my career in the virtual world. This is something that I need to do in order to prioritize my mental health. It feels a lot better knowing that I am soon leaving a stressful environment.


While this is something that I really wanted and needed to do, I am also worried that my decision might ruin our dream, me and my future husband’s dream. Yes, we are currently preparing for our wedding and badly need a steady income to sustain the expenses this special occasion needs.


At first, I never thought about the lack of money because I have a part-time job that can still help with our expenses while I’m looking for another job. However, my client’s business was seriously affected by the current global health issue – nCov, and now moving on a rough road. I’m afraid this business might close temporarily until the health issue is completely gone.


So, this means, no part-time for me. Meaning, no income for me too.


The need for stable income is making me work harder in looking for another home-based job. But despite giving my full potential, I still get a ‘no’ as an answer. It’s frustrating!


Last week, I applied for an email support job. I told myself that I will be doing my best to get the position ’cause this is within my expertise. I thought I have the chance because the assignment they gave was just simple. I gave my 100% best in showing my skills in this assessment. I was so confident that after so many attempts in applying, I will finally be landing a job I am expert at.


I waited over the weekend to receive a reply. I did, but it was a ‘sorry letter’. They found someone better.


Isn’t it stressful? It sure is. My whole situation is a mess right now.


But hey, I still look at the bright side. I still want to see what this life can offer me outside of my comfort zone – office. I still want to keep trying.


If you are facing the same struggle or feeling as mine, I have here the list of the things I always do to keep me going.


  1. Read motivational quotes, inspiring stories or blogs. This can help boost my motivation during the days that I feel like I’m not in my right mind.
  2. Listen to music, either Taylor Swift songs or country music. I’m a Swiftie, indeed. Music can calm a soul. Do you agree? This is what I always do to keep my thoughts away from negativity.
  3. Eat sweets. Unhealthy, I know. For some reason, sweets can give a different kind of comfort when we’re sad or depressed, right? This is why most people turn to their fridge in hopes to find an ice cream or a bit of chocolate when they’re feeling under the weather. But remember, eating too much sweet is bad for the health.
  4. Talk to your partner. If you don’t have a partner (yet), a best friend will do. My fiancee is my diary and my counselor at the same time. He listens and gives advises when needed. He is a good listener too. Most of the time, we don’t want anyone’s opinion whenever we vent out or share our feelings, we only want someone to listen genuinely.


Here you go, I know these are simple things that you might have heard and read somewhere else. But keep this in mind, “Positivity comes from within.” – Monica Bhatt


Keep yourself happy. Your goal and everything else will follow!


~ Pearl












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