Why should you pursue writing?


As we welcome the new decade, some said that writing is no longer necessary in this generation of videos and photos. Do you fall for this belief? Is this why you are hesitant to pursue writing?


I discovered writing during my college days, and despite not being good at it, my desire to write my own words still pushes me to build my blog. I hope you are too!


I tried different free websites from Blogspot to Wix to Weebly and now, WordPress.


My faint-hearted personality prevented me from letting my voice out during my younger age. But writing gave me the courage to step out of my cocoon of shyness and speak up my mind through written words. I may not be able to speak through two-way verbal conversation, but my writing can definitely send the same message across.


Now, you should probably be looking for answers as to why you should pursue writing, cause duhh! that is on the title, right? So, let’s get into it!


1. Writing is the center of communication.

Terry Fallis, a writer and a public relations consultant, said, ‘To me, solid writing skills still represent the core, the foundation, the central pillar in a communications consultant’s offering.’ Imagine figuring out how to setup your microwave without the manual. Imagine a bulletin board full of pictures without any words on it. Imagine a television show without its program setup. All these needs a writer. Writing keep things together. Without it, your goal in conveying your message will surely fail.


2. Writing can give you extra income.
You probably know this already. Thousands of business companies and entrepreneurs are continuously looking for writers that can boost the growth of the business through creative writing. This goes along with the advancement of social media where writing became its major way of communication. Sounds great, isn’t it? This means, you can use your imaginative words to get some extra fries.


3. Writing is a remedy to a weary soul.

As Molly Schwartz, an artist and animator, said, ‘Writing can be a form of therapy, a way to clear the mind, and even make sense of our clouded thoughts.’ This is extremely true! Writing can be your best friend when your mind wants to talk but your tongue wants to shut. It is indeed a remedy when your emotions overwhelm you. Do you feel this too?


4. You can give inspiration to others.

Martin Luther said, ‘If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.’ Do you remember the time you’ve broken down to pieces? You don’t know what to do. You feel like you’re holding a solid rock. You want to let it all out, so you either read sad stories or inspirational quotes to either make you cry to lighten your feelings or motivate you to keep moving. You can return the favor by inspiring other people through your creative mind too.


5. It is fun to do.

This is pretty simple and very self-explanatory. Writing is such a fulfilling thing to do. If you have been writing for quite a while now, perhaps, you felt it too. So, go ahead and continue doing what you love to do.


I recently watched a YouTube video that discussed the signs in identifying if you are a good writer. Things like an avid reader, being a grammar nazi, being complemented about your writing skills, etc. Believe it or not, I finished the video without any matching character. Does that mean I can’t be a writer? Hell, no!


It is definitely on you. If you know you can let your heart and mind out through those creative words your write and you love what you are doing, no one can really say that you can’t be a good writer.


Practice your writing skills with great confidence and you’re on a good start!


~ Pearl

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